The New Cambridge Companion to Christian Doctrine

This Companion guides the reader through the main topics and the most significant methods for practicing Christian theology. The essays in this first part engage the ten most notable loci in Christian doctrine. The ten essays in the second part address the most significant movements that have broad impact upon the practice of Christian doctrine.
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ISBN: 9781108794640
  • Pub Date 17/11/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 375
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What is Christian Doctrine? This Companion guides students and scholars through the key issues in the contemporary practice of Christian theology. Including twenty-one essays, specially commissioned from an international team of leading theologians, the volume outlines the central features of Christian doctrinal claims and examines leading methods and theological movements. The first part of the book explores the ten most important topics in Christian doctrine, offering a nuanced historical analysis, as well as charting pathways for further development. In the second part, essays address the most significant movements that are reshaping approaches to multiple topics across disciplinary, as well as denominational and ecclesiastical, borders. Incorporating cutting-edge biblical and historical scholarship in theological argument, this Companion serves as an accessible and engaging introduction to the main themes of Christian doctrine. It will also guide theologians through a growing literature that is increasingly diverse and pluriform.