The Oxford Handbook of the Protestant Reformations

This Handbook takes a broad overview of the Protestant Reformations, seeing them as movements which stretched far beyond their European beginnings. Written by a team of international scholars of history and theology, the contributions offer up-to-date perspectives on Reformation ideas and the lasting historical impact of Protestantism.
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ISBN: 9780198845966
  • Pub Date 07/06/2019
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 848
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This is the first Handbook of the Reformations to include global Protestantism, and the most comprehensive Handbook on the development of Protestant practices which has been published so far. The volume brings together international scholars in the fields of theology, intellectual thought, and social and cultural history. Contributions focus on key themes, such as Martin Luther or the Swiss reformations, offering an up-to-date perspective on current scholarly
debates, but they also address many new themes at the cutting edge of scholarship, with particularly emphasis on the history of emotions, the history of knowledge, and global history.

This new approach opens up fresh perspectives onto important questions: how did Protestant ways of conceiving the divine shape everyday life, ideas of the feminine or masculine, commercial practices, politics, notions of temporality, or violence? The aim of this Handbook is to bring to life the vitality of Reformation ideas. In these ways, the Handbook stresses that the Protestant Reformations in all their variety, and with their important "radical" wings, must be understood as one of the
lasting long-term historical transformations which changed Europe and, subsequently, significant parts of the world.