The Real Deal: A Life Freed From The Grip Of Addiction

In this new updated edition of The Real Deal, Rod Williams shares his powerful autobiography. A gambler, drug addict and dealer, Rod turned to God and found the freedom and hope to rebuild his life.
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 178078
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ISBN: 9781780789989
  • Author WILLIAMS, ROD
  • Pub Date 12/04/2024
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 208
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Rod Williams grew up in a loving family, with a policeman for a father. Yet he found that his pursuit of a lifestyle that promised money, pleasure, power and popularity left him feeling broken, lost and desperate. As a drug dealer who became addicted to heroin and gambling, Rod saw his life spiral out of control and found himself in prison.

Was there any hope for someone like him?

The Real Deal is Rod's testimony and shows that anyone, whatever circumstances they find themselves in, can be rescued and used by God.

The Real Deal:
* Is a powerful testimony for anyone struggling with feeling worthy of God's love
* A helpful evangelism resource for anyone working with addicts and offenders
* Shows that anyone can change with God's help
* Offers hope to those feeling hopeless and lost
* Provides a real life account of God's grace and love in action

Now with 2 extra chapters, The Real Deal brings Rod's story to up to date.