The Room Where It Happens: A Lent course for groups or individuals based on the musical Hamilton

Inspired by the hugely-popular hit Broadway musical Hamilton, written by and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin presents an original Lent course that explores core Gospel themes of Temptation/Ambition, Identity/Belonging, Youth, Forgiveness/Redemption, Hope, and Sacrifice.
Publisher: DLT
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ISBN: 9781913657789
  • Pub Date 26/11/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 128
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The Room Where It Happens is an exciting new Lent course written by Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin inspired by the filmed version of the award-winning stage musical Hamilton.

The course has been written in the hope that all ages can be involved in the room where it happens for discussions about what the Bible and the experience of Christian faith teach us about some of the big issues faced in the musical by Alexander Hamilton: his responses to injustice, adversity and temptation, his search for identity, and his realisation that he (and all of us) can make a difference in the world.

The course has five weekly sessions suitable for both groups and individuals, exploring the following themes:

* Identity and Belonging
* Ambition and Temptation
* Forgiveness and Redemption
* Love and Sacrifice
* Hope and Courage through Adversity

Each session includes suggestions for inspiring songs from the musical to watch, with relevant Bible passages and discussion questions. Bishop Rose has written a personal introduction to each theme, exercises and reflections, and provides opening and closing prayers for each chapter. Guidance is given for leaders on how to make best use of the book in a group.