Whistlestop Tales: Around The World In 10 Bible Stories

Brilliant Bible stories from around the world to inspire you on your own adventure with God!
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ISBN: 9781529377538
  • Pub Date 22/07/2021
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 240
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*This title gained an Award of Merit at the Christianity Today 2022 Book Awards*

A superspy from Syria on a surprising secret mission.

An ancient mystery unlocked by a senator from Sudan.

A brave refugee from Jordan who makes history.

An Italian soldier whose world is turned upside down.

Discover these and other brilliant Bible stories from around the world to inspire you on your own adventure with God!

In ten action-packed stories, Whistlestop Tales tells how God uses people from all over the world in his global adventure. From Iraq to Italy, Sudan to Cyprus, each tale begins with a look at a modern-day country to help ground the characters in their original context and cultures. Things may not happen exactly as you'll find in the Bible, a Whistlestop Tale paints a picture of person, their challenges and victories in a new and exciting way to get you thinking.

If you're a fan of David Walliams or Roald Dahl, the chances are you'll really enjoy a Whistlestop Tale and maybe look at the Bible in a whole new way!

And don't be fooled by the frivolous first impression - Krish and Miriam are tackling a serious and timely issue here - flagging that racial diversity is a big feature of God's story in the Bible and often we overlook this.

In their first children's book, Krish and Miriam Kandiah combine Biblical and theological expertise with a generous helping of artistic license and fun, and, with help from our incredible illustrator Andy Gray, show how a wonderful array of characters are swept up in God's plans for the whole world!