Women in a Patriarchal World

The UK's leading Christian feminist takes a closer look at twenty-five stories of women in the Bible, at how they responded to the crises they faced, and how they can act as models for today
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ISBN: 9780281084074
  • Pub Date 16/04/2020
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 144
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The Bible includes many stories about women: some well-known, others lesser known; some named, others whose names are not given. In some of these stories, men are depicted negatively by the storyteller; in others men barely feature at all, except in the background or as powerful outsiders. All the compilers of these narratives were probably men, and all of them are set within an ancient world of patriarchal norms and conditions. And yet many of these narratives express the authentic voices of women, and in some cases the original sources will have been the women themselves.

In Women in a Patriarchal World Elaine Storkey focuses on the stories of women who faced a range of challenges and life-changing decisions. Her investigations will lead you to fully appreciate the authenticity of these accounts. They will prompt you to see the connections with our own lives and times. And above all they will empower you to respond more faithfully and intelligently to the many challenges that women are still confronted with today.