Worship For Everyone: Unlocking the Transforming Power of All-Age Worship

Worship for Everyone provides all age worship resources for churches, pastors, and children's workers to make all age worship an exciting and thriving experience for the whole Church.
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ISBN: 9780281085873
  • Author DRAKE, NICK
  • Pub Date 17/06/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 208
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Multi-generational worship is important for most church leaders, worship teams, and children's workers - but how can you truly engage everyone so that all age worship can thrive in your church?

Worship for Everyone offers an inspiring vision crucial for bringing longevity and life to all age worship as well as a practical guide bursting with ideas and resources.

Nick and Becky Drake, pioneers in multi-generational worship ministry, provide a theology for bringing all ages together that draws on their years of experience. Alongside this they give advice and tips on running intergenerational worship sessions and dealing with the many challenges that face the church in producing meaningful all age worship.

Worship for Everyone contains all the resources pastors, children's workers and church leaders need to run all age worship services. Service plans, talks, recommended songs, Bible readings and more are all included, so you can make your all age worship engaging and significant for every generation.

This is a book for anyone with a heart to see new generations engaging with God.