Would you like to know Who Created the World?

An inspirational book for sharing about creation care with curious toddlers
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 178128
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ISBN: 9781781284216
  • Author REEVES, EIRA
  • Pub Date 12/10/2023
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 32
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Wonder with young children about the world around them and how God created it for us to enjoy and care for.

Celebrate creation care with toddlers through this first devotional. In this picture book, young children explore simple questions about being aware of God's creation: the clouds and stars, the weather, water and the countryside, the animals and plants, the food, our languages, and ourselves.

Simple related bible verses and thoughtful prayers about each part of creation point very young children to God. This charming picture book encourages curious toddlers to look around and relate God's creation to their experience of the world. Would you like to know Who Created the World? is perfect for encouraging young children to be curious and respectful of the environment. Also this is a resource for parents, carers and church toddler groups to introduce the idea of a daily devotional with young children.

Children get to know God as Creator through caring for the world and one another.

This picture book is an addition to the Would you like to know? series by established author and illustrator Eira Reeves. For more than 30 years, this successful series has provided a range of non-fiction, devotional, and Bible retelling resources for young children, informing them about the Christian faith and nurturing their first steps.