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Why I am a Christian: A Clear, Compelling Account Of The Basis Of The Author's Belief

John Stott tells his spiritual story and gives the reasons for his life-changing faith

But I Say to You: Christ The Controversialist

Jesus, meek and mild? Think again: Jesus was a controversialist. Are you prepared to be challenged?

The Church: A Unique Gathering of People

Through a comparison of the ideal of the Church with the reality of the present, the necessary changes one must make come to the fore.

Evangelical Truth: A Personal Plea For Unity And Faithfulness

A clear case for Christians to be united in 'evangelical' belief from a much loved evangelical leader

Focus on Christ


Lb Cross

The Christian faith is centred on the cross and that is also where the Christian life is rooted.

Basic Introduction to the New Testament

"Text Copyright A 1951 by John R. W. Stott, originally published under the title Men with a Message. Previously published by Eerdmans A 1964 under the title Basic Introduction to the New Testament. ISBN 0802811906. Revised edition published by Baker Books A 2001 under the title The Story of the New Testament: Men with a Message."

The Cross of Christ: With Study Guide

Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross? John Stott's classic explores of the meaning of Christ's death for us today