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But I Say to You: Christ The Controversialist

Jesus, meek and mild? Think again: Jesus was a controversialist. Are you prepared to be challenged?

Evangelical Truth: A Personal Plea For Unity And Faithfulness

A clear case for Christians to be united in 'evangelical' belief from a much loved evangelical leader

Focus on Christ


Issues Facing Christians Today

Helps thinking Christians sift through and respond to an array of complex topics. This book examines such concerns as: pluralism and Christian witness; cohabitation; environmentalism and ecological stewardship; war and peace; abortion and euthanasia; and more.

Why I am a Christian: A Clear, Compelling Account Of The Basis Of The Author's Belief

John Stott tells his spiritual story and gives the reasons for his life-changing faith

The Cross of Christ: With Study Guide

Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross? John Stott's classic explores of the meaning of Christ's death for us today