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Prayer Where To Start And How To Keep

It's the simplest thing in the world, yet it can seem so difficult. It's as natural as breathing, yet it's hard to find the right words. Just how do you learn to pray? This practical, illustrated guide considers ten basic questions about prayer and offers simple helps for making prayer a part of everyday life.

Dear England

A letter to the country, from the Archbishop of York, on why the Christian narrative still makes sense.

On Priesthood

A refreshing vision of Christian ministry from one of the Church of England's most popular speakers and writers

Walking the Way of the Cross: Prayers and reflections on the biblical stations of the cross

Found in Common Worship: Times and Seasons, The Way of the Cross is a series of scripture-based devotions for personal or group use in Lent and Holy Week. This seasonal companion provides the full sequence of fifteen meditations, each accompanied by short reflections from three of today's very best spiritual writers.

how to live a guide to the christian journey

Whether you are a new Christian just setting out on the journey of faith, or a weary traveller in need of some refreshment, How to Live will inspire you to keep going.

Do Nothing To Change Your Life

Most of us live at break-neck speed, cramming work, family, friends and endless tasks into every day. In this life-affirming book Stephen Cottrell encourages us instead to hang out with our inner slob and rediscover not just the pleasures but the real benefits, the unexpected gifts and the deep truths to be found in simply messing about.