2,000 Years Of Christ's Power Vol. 5: The Age Of Enlightenment And Awakening

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ISBN: 9781527109735
  • Author NEEDHAM, NICK
  • Pub Date 14/03/2023
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 664
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In many ways, I confess I do not feel especially at home in the Age of Reason. My personal roots are far more among those of the Early Church. Still, I gladly admit I cannot help feeling my heart kindled as I read about the mighty deeds wrought in and through the Evangelical preachers of that age.

Thoroughly researched with beautifully linked arguments, biographies, context and discussions,

Needham provides a riveting text: balancing fact and understanding in the wisdom of experience. The book offers a wealth of knowledge for pastors, missionaries,

students and professors as they pursue their own education into the response of Christians during the 18th century towards these shifts in the tides of the affairs of men.

Covering the period bracketing the Enlightenment Nick Needham's new volume in the 2000 Years of Christ's Power series, covers the social, economic, political and evangelical changes across two continents.