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1666: Plague, War and Hellfire

In sixteen hundred and sixty-six . . .

2,000 Years of Christ's Power Vol. 1: The Age of the Early Church Fathers

The first volume of 2,000 Years of Christ's Power covers the period from the 1st Century AD to the start of the Middle Ages. From the works of Saint Augustine of Hippo to the first apologetic ever penned, this time in history established the foundations of what we take for granted today.

2,000 Years of Christ's Power Vol. 3: Renaissance and Reformation

Catholics, Calvinists, Lutherans, Anabaptists  our present-day divisions were the controversial front-page headlines of the Reformation. Nick Needham presents a period of history from which we have much to learn  one of the most important of these lessons being the vibrancy of people s lives and the courage with which they faced death.

2,000 Years of Christ's Power Vol. 4: The Age of Religious Conflict

The fourth volume of 2,000 Years of Christ s Power spans from the 16th to the 18th century. It presents a time from which English Protestantism, Scottish Presbyterianism, and French Catholicism, to name only a few, were birthed and refined.

2000 Years Of Christs Power

The Middle Ages have be seen as a time of hardship and oppression, full of popes and crusades. In the second volume of 2,000 Years, another side of the Middle Ages shines through. This was far from a period of stagnation; rather it was the fire from which the Reformation was kindled.

2159 AD


50 World Changing Events In Christian

From the destruction of Jerusalem to the rise of social media, this book covers in 50 short chapters significant events of 2000 years of church history. An encouragement and inspiration for Christians of any age.

A Different Song: Susie Hare - Autobiography


A Field Guide to the English Clergy: A Compendium of Diverse Eccentrics, Pirates, Prelates and Adventurers; All Anglican, Some Even Practising

The Archbishop of York's behaviour was 'never that expected of a cleric, rarely that expected of a pirate'...
£12.99 £6.99