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#MeToo Reckoning


10 Answers For Skeptics


10 Mistakes People Make About Heaven Hell And The Afterlife

You can find the straightforward answers you need about heaven, hell, and the afterlife! This book will guide you to the truth about 10 misconceptions that may be holding you back from deep joy, faith, and understanding of eternity.

16 1/2 Ways To Upgrade Your Faith

Bob practically sets out how you can make your faith come alive once you're back into the regular routine of school, homework and church on Sundays. Filled with positive feedback from young people who have tried Bob's methods, he challenges the idea that your faith life doesn't have to get worse once the conference is over - it can get better!


The 18 words are Death, Devil, Election, Faith, Fellowship, Grace, Holiness, Justification, Lord, Mediator, Mortification, Reconciliation, Regeneration, Revelation, Sanctification, Scripture, Sin and World.

31 Surprising Reasons To Believe In God

This 31-day intellectual journey reveals hints of the divine all around us-in what we believe, what we love, what we have, and what we know. Discover how sports, superheroes, science, and other topics point to unexpected clues of God's existence.