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Hobson here delivers an accessible polemic, rooted firmly in the Protestant tradition of strongly speaking out. His core contention that establishment is a betrayal of the gospel gives his passionate manifesto echoes of Luther's denunciation of Rome.

All Things Anglican: Who we are and what we believe

All Things Anglican offers a lively and accessible introduction to Anglicanism for anyone wanting to know what makes it distinctive. Whether you are training for Anglican orders, are curious about another denomination or would like to join an Anglican Church, this guide will introduce you to the ways of the Church of England.

An Anglican Understanding of the Church: An Introduction

A short guide to the origins, structure and values of the Churches of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Paul Avis explains and clarifies the history and theology involved, and introduces concepts in a structured way, making the book clear to those who may be coming to these issues for the first time.


A collection of essays exploring the underlying issues facing the Anglican Communion and setting them in their historical context, including the roles of synods, bishops and primates; the ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury; being in and out of communion; and, the significance of diocesan boundaries in an age of globalization.
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Being Anglican (new Ed)

This book explores the idea of Anglican idenity through a study of major figures from Richard Hooker to Michael Ramsey, foucusing on their contribution to contemporary thinking about Christian spirituality, worship, mission. Theology and ministry.

book of common prayer past present and future

A celebration of the 350th anniversary of the publication of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, underlining its current and continuing relevance.

Catholics Of The Anglican Patrimony


Contemporary Doctrine Classics: From the Church of England

This volume brings together three classic books from the Church of England's Doctrine Commission: 'We Believe in God' (1987), 'We Believe in the Holy Spirit' (1991) and 'The Mystery of Salvation' (1996).