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A Church Observed: Being Anglican As Times Change

£9.95 £5.00


Hobson here delivers an accessible polemic, rooted firmly in the Protestant tradition of strongly speaking out. His core contention that establishment is a betrayal of the gospel gives his passionate manifesto echoes of Luther's denunciation of Rome.

Anglicanism: A Very Short Introduction

What is Anglicanism? How is it different from other forms of Christianity, and how did it come to have so many different versions throughout the world? This title highlights the diversity of Anglicanism by exploring its history, theology, and structure, and examines what is it that holds Anglicanism together despite the crises.


A collection of essays exploring the underlying issues facing the Anglican Communion and setting them in their historical context, including the roles of synods, bishops and primates; the ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury; being in and out of communion; and, the significance of diocesan boundaries in an age of globalization.
£14.99 £4.00

Ghost Ship

'Ghost Ship' explores the harrowing stories of institutional racism within the Church of England. Through conversation with clergy and campaigners in the Church of England, A.D.A France-Williams issues a stark warning to the church. Structural racism requires a wholesale dismantling and reassembling of the ship - before it is too late.

Good Disagreement?: Grace and Truth in a Divided Church

Can the Church of England find a way of disagreeing without being disagreeable - or splitting entirely?
£9.99 £3.00


Discussions have been taking place between Roman Catholics and Anglicans, over the years. This work covers the statement of the 2000 Bishops from both churches who established a body to promote their relationship by seeking to translate their manifest agreement in faith into common life and mission.
£8.99 £2.50

Looking Towards a Church Fully Reconciled: The Final Report of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission 1983-2005 (Arcic II)

This volume brings together for the first time the five Agreed Statements of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC).

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