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A (Very) Public School Murder

An Abbot Peter mystery. With the pursuit of excellence exchanged for the pursuit of a killer who is both clever and efficient, the long dark corridors of Stormhaven Towers become an education in fear. Who will be next?

A Christmas Snow


a clean camel is a happy camel

You probably know that Luke wrote a gospel, but did you also know that his sources included memos to the angelic hosts, agony aunt letters, newspaper cuttings, interviews and even the diary of a concerned sheep? This book provides a different perspective on the life of Jesus, offering answers to many questions you have probably never asked.

A Dead Man Out of Mind

The fourth volume in the much-loved Book of Psalms mysteries.
£9.99 £7.99

A Director's, Cut

A Dream For Tomorrow

Elizabeth Martin and her two children have made it through the easy part of their journey, but now their wagon train faces high mountain passes, dangerous river crossings, and decreasing supplies.

A Drink of Deadly Wine

The first in the much-loved Book of Psalms mysteries.
£9.99 £7.99

A Man Called Blessed

One man holds the key to locating the Ark of the Covenant---but he s hidden deep in the desert and no one has seen him since he was a boy."

A Question of Integrity

The inhabitants of a small community are interlinked by the healer at its heart, Nick Darrow. There is Alice, the romantic but also an outcast; Lewis the priest, an irascible traditionalist; Francie, who has a desire to be loved; and Stacy, a young trainee looking for faith and direction.