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50 Lessons in Ministry: Reflections after fifty years of ministry

Paul Beasley-Murray, one of the most respected Christian ministers of the last fifty years, offers fifty succinct reflections on all aspects of ministry, including pastoring, preaching, evangelism, prayer, growth, worship, family, personal care and relationships.

A Clergy Husband's Survival Guide

Women now comprise almost half the priests serving in the Church of England. As a result, there are many male clergy spouses who have had to come to terms with the seismic shift that occurs in family life when a wife embarks on the journey from exploration of vocation to ordination and a life of ministry.

A New Lease Of Life


A Preacher's Tale: Explorations in Narrative Preaching

A Preacher's Tale aims to provide not just a theoretical introduction, but a resource that uses sermons in the narrative style to reflect on how to prepare and construct them and how to deliver them effectively in the context of worship.
£17.99 £10.00

A Room with a View: Ministry with the World at Your Door

Reflects on the characteristics of parish ministry and mission.

A Vital Ministry: Chaplaincy in Schools in the Post-Christian Era

John Caperon highlights the nature and significance of the distinctive ministry of school chaplains and seeks to raise the profile of this key ministry in the Church
£21.99 £12.00

Ambition: What Jesus Said About Power, Success and Counting Stuff

This book will examine biblical perspectives on ambition and success, particularly from the point of view of Jesus and the gospels. It will affirm what is praiseworthy in the current emphasis on church growth, whilst challenging the creep of more secular assumptions about what it looks like to be successful.