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50 Lessons in Ministry: Reflections after fifty years of ministry

Paul Beasley-Murray, one of the most respected Christian ministers of the last fifty years, offers fifty succinct reflections on all aspects of ministry, including pastoring, preaching, evangelism, prayer, growth, worship, family, personal care and relationships.

A Body Of Praise - Understanding The Role Of Our Physical Bodies In Worship

A respected theologian and pastor argues that all of our postures, gestures, and movements in worship should be understood as a way to participate in creation's ongoing praise of God.

A Fruitful Life: Abiding in Christ as seen in John 15

In A Fruitful Life we ponder the teaching of Jesus in John chapter 15, the famous 'vine' passage.

A Preacher's Tale: Explorations in Narrative Preaching

A Preacher's Tale aims to provide not just a theoretical introduction, but a resource that uses sermons in the narrative style to reflect on how to prepare and construct them and how to deliver them effectively in the context of worship.
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A Vital Ministry: Chaplaincy in Schools in the Post-Christian Era

John Caperon highlights the nature and significance of the distinctive ministry of school chaplains and seeks to raise the profile of this key ministry in the Church
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And Some Evangelists

Your church has a pastor and teachers - but where are your evangelists? Seek out who your evangelists are and send them out. Roger Carswell sets out the biblical focus on evangelism. Be prepared to be challenged.

Another Christ: Re-Envisioning Ministry

Growth in Christlikeness is a goal for all Christians and especially for those in leadership. But the images of Christ that have become the institutional norm refer to a model of pastoral ministry that seems to allow no scope for innovation or eccentricity.

Being A Curate

Focuses mainly on stories about being a curate in a variety of different church traditions and contexts, both stipendiary and self-supporting, and is inclusive in terms of age, ethnicity and gender. The 30 or so people contributing are real and grounded, and offer honest reflections on being a curate and curacies in the Church of England.

being a deacon today

Every priest serves as a deacon for a year - this guide aims to enrich that experience. It focuses on the theory and practice of one of the three biblical orders of ministry.