Assemblies for All: Diverse and exciting assembly ideas for all Key Stage 2 children

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ISBN: 9781472975096
  • Author STANLEY, PAUL
  • Pub Date 04/03/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 96
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This exciting collection of diverse assemblies for Key Stage 2 is perfect for any teacher or school leader looking for inspiration. Covering a range of different thought-provoking issues, each idea in this book has been successfully tried and tested in real assemblies.

This flexible, dip-in resource includes a variety of assembly formats and full scripts for every assembly. Some are standalone assemblies that can be delivered with minimal preparation, some come with accompanying slideshows online and some are more detailed assemblies requiring additional resources.

The topics are current and ideal for stimulating discussion, ranging from values-focused assemblies about justice, truth and courage to knowledge-based assemblies on subjects such as Black History Month and female scientists. The book uses a variety of poems, objects, folktales and real-life stories to stimulate and inspire children's thinking on topics from peace and perseverance to art and friendship.

Written by an experienced headteacher dedicated to delivering assemblies that light a spark in all pupils, this resource is a must-have for all primary schools.