First 30 Days of Walking with Jesus: Your guide to understanding the Christian life

First 30 Days of Walking with Jesus is an accessible 30 day devotional from David and Carrie Grant that offers advice, motivation and guidance for those starting and restarting their Christian walk.
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ISBN: 9780281086788
  • Pub Date 19/05/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 160
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First 30 Days of Walking with Jesus is exactly what it sounds like - a simple and accessible guide that offers 30 days of Bible readings and devotions, along with practical advice, motivation, and additional guides, for anyone starting or restarting their Christian walk.

Featuring Bible verses for many of life's questions, it will guide you through various Christian living from worship and loving your neighbour to fear and vulnerability. Drawing on their own experience of the Christian life, well-known TV personalities, Church leaders, and mentors David and Carrie Grant offer compassionate insight and wisdom, alongside contributions from other trusted Church leaders and writers, for anyone seeking to follow Jesus and be His disciple but unsure where to start.

The daily devotions are easy to dip and out of, and will encourage and inspire you to live each day with faith and joy in Jesus Christ. The devotions are also undated, so they can be used throughout the year.

First 30 Days of Walking with Jesus is an ideal guide to give to new Christian believers, especially as a follow up to Christian courses such as the Alpha Course and Christianity Explored. It's perfect for giving as a confirmation or baptism gift for teens and adults, to help them as they start on their Christian life.

This guide will also help those who have drifted from the church but want to reaffirm and refresh their faith. The daily Bible readings and practical advice will help you get back in touch with your spirituality so that you can walk and grow as a Christian alongside Jesus.

Whether you are a new disciple or a returning one, anyone who has asked how to be a Christian will find guidance and encouragement in First 30 Days of Walking with Jesus that will help them start their journey to become faithful, spiritually fulfilled disciples.