Handbook Of Christian Ministry: An A To Z For Lay And Ordained Ministers

This handbook aims to help any Christian committed to their role as a follower and fellow-worker with Christ to be more effective in their ministry. It offers practical suggestions for faithful practice in numerous areas, ranging from Apologetics to Worship and beyond.
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ISBN: 9780281084395
  • Pub Date 18/06/2020
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 176
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There are many situations we find ourselves in as Christians that are difficult to handle. In this warm and compassionate handbook John Pritchard offers an easy-to-navigate source of advice on how to respond to the needs of others. It draws on his extensive experience, and his companion volume The Life and Work of a Priest, which has become a classic.

Laid out in an accessible A-Z format, the Handbook for Christian Ministry is for both lay and ordained Christians wanting to make the most of the ministries God has called them into.

With 'tail pieces' and 'quick ideas' featured throughout, readers will learn of real-life examples and be able to put their understanding into practise. With activities such as creating a visual map of The Holy Land, setting up a pastoral visiting team or running a storytelling workshop, this handbook will equip Christians with a variety of skills to help them make the most of their calling.