Heroes Or Villains?: Exploring The Qualities We Share With Bible Characters

Combining imaginative retellings of Bible stories with psychological insights, Heroes or Villains? looks at the complexity of human nature and reveals how God graciously loves us as we are.
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ISBN: 9781788932981
  • Pub Date 14/07/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 240
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Who are the heroes of the Christian faith? And who are the villains?

Was Jezebel just the thoroughly evil character we believe her to be? Or was there another side to her story? Did David always behave as the great hero of the faith? What about his spectacular mistakes?

The reality is that we all have the potential for great good and disastrous moral failure. Through imaginatively retelling the stories of Bible characters, Jeannie Kendall shares profound insights on human nature that can help us make better choices in our lives.

By understanding our own complexities, we can fully experience the lavish way in which God loves us as we are, mixed and muddled, villainous and heroic.

Content Benefits:
Jeannie Kendall helps us to understand our human nature by identifying with the Bible characters' stories and encourages us to see that we can positively change our behavioural patterns over time.

* An interesting look at Bible characters
* An exploration of the complexity of human nature
* Explores traits such as resentment, loyalty, prejudice, betrayal, insecurity, forgiveness and vulnerability
* Combines biblical teaching with pastoral insight
* Includes questions suitable for either individual or small group use
* Encourages us to see that we are not defined by our failures
* Shows that God loves us unconditionally
* Helpful to leaders in a pastoral or counselling setting
* Author is a trained counsellor