Hope Wins: How A Vision Of Our Eternal Future Impacts Our Lives Today

In the face of suffering, hard places or death, Goff Hope encourages us to hope in the gospel and the goodness of God.
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ISBN: 9781788932769
  • Pub Date 12/05/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 176
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Hope is fundamental for human wellbeing but it is in short supply in our world. We can quickly be robbed of hope by illness, personal tragedy or by the sheer oppressive nature of news headlines.

Drawing on his own personal experiences, including the tragedy of losing his daughter and his own battle with cancer, Goff shares how holding on to the Christian hope of an eternal future transformed the darkest moments of his life.

Interweaving personal testimony of the goodness of God with biblical teaching on heaven, Goff encourages us to see that when tough times come, and we are tempted to doubt or ask the big questions, such as Why, Lord?, we can have hope if we keep our eyes on Jesus and have a heavenly perspective on life.

Content Benefits:
Through personal testimony and biblical teaching, Hope Wins will enable you to take a fresh look at your eternal destiny and show you how this hope can transform the darkest moments of your life.

* Rediscover the Christian idea of heaven
* Provides biblical teaching on heaven and the Christian hope of an eternal future
* Honest portrayal of bereavement and a prostate cancer diagnosis that will help those in similar situations
* Will help you find hope in the hard places of illness, suffering and bereavement
* Discover hope in an uncertain world
* Draw comfort from the joy of knowing that one day suffering will end as we see Christ face to face and enjoy continual relationship with him
* Learn to have a different perspective as you live your life today with heaven in view
* Provides reassurance for the anxious or those overwhelmed by circumstances
* Will help you live a more dynamic life as you rediscover the power of the gospel