How To Be (un)successful: An Unlikely Guide To Human Flourishing

This timely book invites us to unpick humanity's elusive search for the wrong sort of success and how Jesus' life and teachings invite us to discover a success that truly satisfies our souls.
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ISBN: 9780281088171
  • Author PORTAL, PETE
  • Pub Date 19/10/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 192
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Nowadays it seems like everyone wants to be successful, but how many of us actually feel it?

We may know that true success is found in following the one who made us. And yet, in our increasingly polarised and comparison-rife world, many of us find our hearts yearning for an ever-elusive 'success': in money and power, in influence and accolades.

It is time for us to remember that success is attainable - not in what we have but how we live.

This book invites you to recognise the beauty and complexity of the world we live in and how we, individually and collectively, may have conformed our faith in Jesus to simple consumer culture and cultural preferences. It is an opportunity to redefine success, choosing love over efficiency, depth over volume and real friendship over cold transactions.

Jesus' life and teaching are the perfect antidote for a world growing sick with the wrong sort of success. And, he invites us again to experience a success that truly satisfies our souls.