My Big Story Bible: 140 Faithful Stories, From Genesis To Revelation

Bestselling author, Tom Wright invites you to read and hear afresh 140 of the greatest stories of the Bible and discover how they join together to tell the greatest story of all time!
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ISBN: 9780281085613
  • Author WRIGHT, TOM
  • Pub Date 16/02/2024
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 288
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My Big Story Bible takes the adventure of reading a children's Bible to a new level. As you'd expect from Tom Wright, the narrative bursts with lively storytelling and a deep love for the original scriptures, while the vibrant illustrations on every page will delight young readers and help them to imaginatively understand the key events of the Bible.

Perfect for readers aged 7-12 years, My Big Story Bible not only offers a faithful and vibrant retelling of all the major Bible stories of the Old and New Testament, but theologian Tom Wright invites children to discover the many surprising ways in which the stories link to one another, and how together they form the BIG STORY of God's plan to make everything right and bring heaven and earth together when Jesus returns.

Tom Wright highlights both familiar characters and events, but also key passages from other parts of Scripture which often go missing in other Children's Bibles - the Psalms, Proverbs, the Prophets and the letters of Paul - all of which help to explain the BIG STORY that God wants all people to hear.

Whether you're reading My Big Story Bible yourself or reading it aloud with your children, you'll enjoy hearing the echoes and spotting the visual connections that come together into the one BIG STORY of God, and be reminded that it doesn't simply tell of events that happened long ago: it tells a living and enduring story - a story that God invites YOU to join in as well!