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1,000 Facts About the Bible (1,000 Facts About)

This beautifully illustrated, easy to follow reference inspires kids to discover more about the Bible, with its unique presentation of historical stories and facts.

100 Best Bible Storie3s


100 Bible Heroes, 100 Bible Songs


30 Prophecies:one Story


365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids: An If I Could Ask God Anything Devotional

How do I know the Bible is true? What does the Bible mean by "the kingdom of God"? How can God be three persons at the same time? Help the kids in your life find answers to their questions and deepen their faith with 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids, a unique daily devotional full of biblical answers about God, the Bible, and Christian faith.

50 Barmiest Bible Stories

A disco diva king, a prophet who became a bear's lunch, a monarch with 1,000 wives to please, a bunch of rebels who were burned to a cinder... loads of pretty barmy things happened in Bible times.

50 Craziest Bible Stories

Some crazy things happened in the Bible like the stories of Jonah and the big fish and Jesus' resurrection. This title features some zany cartoons about the stories.

50 Goriest Bible Stories

A sword plunged to the heart into a super-fat king's blubber, a bloke getting killed by lightning, coldblooded murder, tons of people drowning, scary skin diseases, earthquakes... loads of gross and gory things happened in Bible times! This work features 50 stories including that of "Cain and Abel", "Abraham and Isaac", and "David and Goliath".

50 Jucist Bible Srories

Crop-destroying locusts, body-covering boils, countries doing the splits, ventriloquists, disappearing people, shipwrecks, wonder wives, scheming fathers, feuding families and a Tip Top Tent - lots of unusual things happened in Bible times! This book retells these stories.

50 Wackiest Bible Stories

Features stories about a nine-foot giant, puppet kings, a dazzling dancer, big fish travel, getting a drink out of a rock, the right and wrong ways to carry a box the size of a coffee table, what we can learn from ants, and why it might be better to live on your roof than inside your house.