Ready?: Evangelism For Everyone

Publisher: UNKNOWN: 97815271
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ISBN: 9781527110953
  • Pub Date 17/01/2024
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 128
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A practical guide to making evangelism a natural part of everyday life

The word 'evangelism' may conjure up a set of images - street preachers, tracts, boldly speaking to strangers on buses about Jesus. Things that, in other words, send many Christians into a panic. While all of these things have been used powerfully by God in spreading the gospel, not every Christian is an specifically gifted Evangelist. However, every Christian is called to evangelism.

Andy Paterson begins by pointing readers to what evangelism has always been- declaring God's glory among the nations. He then differentiates between those gifted to be Evangelists and those who have a different calling before getting into the practical details of what it means to be involved in the saving work of the gospel.

If you long to see people saved by the power of the gospel, or feel guilty about not taking every chance to tell people about Jesus,

this book will encourage and challenge you, and help you on your way.