Story Bearer

Be equipped to confidently help your friends know they are part of the most important story in the world.
Publisher: IVP
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ISBN: 9781789741551
  • Author KNOX PHIL
  • Pub Date 19/03/2020
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 192
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Most people find faith because they know another Christian, see the difference Jesus makes, and hear their story. Yet most of us are reluctant faith sharers. This book inspires every Christian to see themselves as a story bearer.

Four distinct stories collide in great evangelism: God's story, our story, the story of our friends and the story of our culture. The book expounds them all, encouraging us to learn and tell well the first two and listen and react well to the others.

Phil Knox punctuates his book with engaging accounts of success and failure. Story bearing has the potential to change the world of those around you.