The Dean's Watch: The Cathedral Trilogy

A rich and beautiful story, set in a quiet cathedral city during the eighteenth-century.
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ISBN: 9781473656338
  • Pub Date 24/08/2017
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 336
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A rich and beautiful story, set in a quiet cathedral city.

When cathedral dean Adam Ayscough encounters clockmaker Isaac Peabody, their unlikely friendship touches the lives of the entire community.

Behind the dean's fearsome reputation lies a humble man crippled by shyness. Desperate to leave behind a lasting legacy of goodness, his only wishes are to serve God and his parishioners, and to be loved by his young and dissatisfied wife.

Haunted by the memories of a miserable childhood, gifted clockmaker Isaac Peabody has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft and rejecting all belief in God.

Despite their fundamental differences, both men find a common understanding, and discover that faith can come in many different guises.

What readers are saying about THE DEAN'S WATCH

'Goudge in the class of Victor Hugo, or Dickens' - 5 STARS

'Beautifully written, simply couldn't put it down' - 5 STARS

'An unforgettable book' - 5 STARS

'Just plain delightful' - 5 STARS

'A wonderful book, full of atmosphere' - 5 STARS

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