The Radical Disciple: Wholehearted Christian Living

What does it mean to follow Jesus wholeheartedly? John Stott unpacks radical discipleship in his final book.
Publisher: IVP
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ISBN: 9781789742916
  • Pub Date 15/04/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 144
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'A rare and personal glimpse of the sacrificial discipleship that marked John Stott's life so deeply.'Peter Harris

What is a life of radical discipleship? At root, it means we let Jesus set the agenda of our lives. We aren't selective. We don't pick and choose what is cosy and stay away from what is costly. He is Lord of all of life.

In the last book by a Christian leader who was himself a radical disciple, John Stott opens up what it means at root to be a follower of Jesus. He explores eight aspects of Christian discipleship that we need to pay much closer attention to.

The message is simple, classic and personal: Jesus is Lord. He calls. We follow.