Things My Dog Has Taught Me: About Being A Better Human

A dog's guide to life - how to be a kinder, compassionate, more mindful and wiser human.
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ISBN: 9781473664388
  • Pub Date 18/10/2018
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 224
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'A wonderful read' -- Lorraine Kelly

In this book for dog lovers everywhere, Jonathan Wittenberg says his dogs have taught him, more than anything else, how to appreciate the wonderful world in which we live -- and how to develop better relationships with his friends and families.

In this wonderful, warm account of one man and his dog, Jonathan brings all the big themes of friendship, faithfulness, kindness, cruelty, grief, prayer and spiritual companionship to the fore, and shows
us how we can learn so much from a dog's approach to life.

If you're one of the 8.5 million dog owners in the UK the answer to a better way of living may already be under your roof.