When God 'buts' In: Finding Strength To Face The Impossible

Draw strength from 30 biblical devotions about circumstances that looked hopeless until God intervened and powerfully changed the outcome.
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ISBN: 9781788933087
  • Pub Date 10/11/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 218
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Are you facing a situation that looks impossible?

Many biblical characters faced huge obstacles too, until God brought a 'but' into the situation that changed their circumstances in a powerful way.

When God 'buts' in he isn't meddling or interfering, he is divinely intervening in the situation. Whether that results in a miraculous turnaround in circumstances or grace to sustain you through a trial, God wants to 'but' in and be actively involved in your life.

Kate Williams interweaves her personal experience of challenge with biblical truth to help stir your faith and trust God that he knows the intervention you most need.

Content Benefits:
Through these 30 biblical reflections, you will be able to look at challenging situations through eyes of faith and not fear, be reminded of God's power, and be encouraged to always hope for God to 'but' in, whatever struggle you find yourself facing.

* Combines Kate's personal story of struggle with biblical truth
* Accessible style, written in a quirky, conversational manner
* Will activate your faith in a God of power who cares deeply about you
* Encourages you to see that God is in control of your circumstances
* Understand that God answers our prayers, even if not how we expect
* Helps you believe in the power of God to intervene in situations that feel impossible
* Ideal for anyone longing for breakthrough in a difficult situation
* Helpful for anyone who feels anxious about current circumstances
* A perfect book to give to someone who needs encouraging