Why Less Means More: Making Space For What Matters Most

Leave fear and franticness behind and join Cathy Madavan in discovering why less really means more.
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ISBN: 9780281083398
  • Pub Date 10/04/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 192
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Do you feel frazzled? Frantic? Fearful you haven't got enough?

In a world obsessed with more, where potential is maximised, and busyness is glorified, another reality also exists: we all have limits - and many of us are living at the edge of them.

Why Less Means More shows you how saying no to one thing might mean saying yes to something far better.

What would it look like to pursue less success and more significance? To live with less complexity and more clarity? To chase less of the 'extraordinary' and celebrate more of the 'ordinary' moments that make up an extraordinary life?

Cathy Madavan, accomplished author and speaker, invites you to leave your fear and franticness behind and discover more space, simplicity and the truth that less really can lead to more.