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Life Every Day Jul/Aug 2021: Paul's Prayer for the Church

If you were under house-arrest, unable to go where you wanted to go, and not knowing if a death sentence awaited you, would your prayers be mainly for yourself, or would you be praying for others?

Life Every Day May-june 2021

He draws on Abraham's prayers, the prayers of Hannah, the mother of Samuel, those of the angry prophet, Jonah, and, of course, the prayers of Jesus Himself.

Life Every Day Sept/Oct 2021: God's Playlist

The Psalms introduce us to the inner thoughts, fears and beliefs of those who wrote them, in particular King David, who was responsible for at least 73 of them. Join Jeff Lucas for a careful introduction to this very important Bible book, one that celebrates humanity in all its aspects, as well as the Creator of that humanity.

Life With Lucas April-june 2022