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The Parables

The third volume in the Biblical Explorations series from bestselling New Testament writer Paula Gooder explores a major exponent of the Gospels: the parables of Jesus. It considers why Jesus spoke in pictures and opens up the world behind the parables to reveal just how striking, memorable and challenging they were for their original hearers.

Everyday God

Ordinary Time is the longest stretch of the Christian year, but it receives the least attention. Yet 'the ordinary' is the very essence of life. This wise guide shows how to live ordinary life in an extraordinary way, with biblical examples of how God breaks into everyday life.

Tell All Bible: Mark (Translated by Paula Gooder)

A fresh new translation of Mark's Gospel by renowned Biblical scholar Dr Paula Gooder, with interactive storytelling tips from well-known children's author and performer Bob Hartman. Ideal for use in churches, in all-age worship, in children's groups and at home.